Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Required Summer Reading

We are coming up on the 41st anniversary one of the more significant moments in rock history.  Half a million people gathered in Bethel, New York in mid August, 1969 for a concert that would become part of the legacy of an entire generation.  Read the story of the Woodstock Music and Arts Festival  from one of the main men behind the scenes.

Once you're finished with the book, check out the Academy Award wining documentary about the concert.  The film provides a fascinating look at the concert and the performers.  It is also noteworthy that one of the main editors on the film was Martin Scorsese.

As Jim Ignatowski, Christopher Lloyd's character on Taxi, described the concert, "Yep, half a million people gathered together in peace and harmony,... hey, you know, if I hadn't gone, there would have only been 499,999 people... lucky for them I went."

Jim Ignatowski

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