Friday, July 9, 2010

Is Lebron a Coward or a Traitor?

I think that the most absurd thing to come out of the Lebron fiasco, is the reaction by the people of Cleveland and the majority of the media. What does Lebron owe to the city of Cleveland? This guy is a basketball player and a celebrity. He made the Cleveland Cavaliers a relevant organization. He devoted seven years to that team. In that time, how much money and attention did he bring to the city of Cleveland? It would be impossible to determine, but I'm sure that it is more than he ever took home.

Is he a coward for going to a team that increases his chances of getting a ring immediately? Again, how can you say this? This happens all the time in sports. Nobody wants to admit that another team or another city offers greener pastures than your home town, but athletes at this level want to win.

I have heard a lot of comparisons to Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan. People say that they never left to form a championship team, they made one where they played. Excuse me, but Larry Bird and Magic Johnson played on teams loaded with Hall of Famers. These were guys that would have made the hall of fame if they never won a Championship. Bird and Johnson were the superstars, but they were both backed up by elite players such as Kevin McHale, Robert Parrish, James Worthy, and Kareem. The Cleveland Cavaliers were Lebron James and a collection of role players. Jordan even had Scottie Pippen.

Nothing is guaranteed in professional sports. The people in Cleveland want to talk about loyalty. But what happens to Lebron when his skills start to slip, when he loses a step and he is no longer the dominant force he is today? Will the Cleveland Cavaliers be loyal to Lebron James if they can get rid of him for the right price? How long before the fans start booing and calling for Lebron to hang it up once he is no longer the "king"?

He needs to do what is best for him. He has decided that it is best for him to go to Miami and have a better shot at a ring. Will his legacy suffer? Possibly, but that is yet to be seen.

As for Cleveland, for so many people to expend so much energy over an entertainer is a bit absurd. After all, basketball is just entertainment, and a sport. While I do think the hour long program to announce his decision was a bit over the top, Cleveland has to move on. After all, the Browns take the field in just two short months.

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